iStop® Email Sign-up Sheet

iStop® Design Services is a division of Creative Solutions Unlimited, Inc. (CSU)
An email address identifies a location to which email messages can be delivered. An example: in the email address,, "adminiistrator" is the local part that identifies the person or position and "creativecarecenter" is the domain part that locates the address on the Internet. It is read as "administrator at creative care center dot com."

1. Email Address Selection i.e., Administrator@ or JDoe@ or Activities@
I would like an email package: as many as five email accounts with a total of up to 50 MB of storage space at a cost $15 per month. Additional email accounts with up to 10 MB of storage space each may be purchased at $2 per account per month. Additional storage space is available at an additional cost. Please indicate the specific local part addresses desired (see Naming Conventions below).
Enter additional emails in the comments field.
2. Domain Name Selection i.e., or
Please check the appropriate button:
I want to keep my current domain name:
The domain will need to be transferred to the CSU server.
I would like to register a domain name. (Domain names are available on a "first-come, first served" basis at a cost of $35 for the first year and $20 per year thereafter.)
  Please indicate a first, second, and third domain name choice below (see Naming Conventions below).
  Each name ends in a "top-level" domain name. Currently, there are no formal restrictions on registering domain name with .com or .org. Select the prefered top-level domain name:
.com=intended to disignate commercial entities
.org=for non-profit entities
3. Billing Information * indicates required fields
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* Contact Name
* Street Address
  Mailing Address
* City
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* Zip Code
* Phone Number
  Fax Number
Current Contact Email
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Naming Conventions

For ease of use, email addresses and domain names should not contain spaces or special characters except the hyphen (-) or the underscore (_) which can be used as separators. Periods (.) may be used in the local portion of the email but may not be used in the domain name.

Maintenance Included

CSU adds/deletes/changes email accounts, assigns passwords, allocates space among email accounts, and defines spam filters. Email packages include the web mail program for checking email on-line from any computer with Internet access.

Encryption and Password Protection

Email encryption is included with your subscription. (The recipient must use the same email service in order to decrypt messages.) An alternative to this is encrypting documents that are emailed as attachments. A free PDF converter with encryption and password protection is available for download at Once installed, the software is listed in with the available printers so documents are "printed" into the PDF format.

Website Design and Hosting Services (optional)

Website design and hosting services available from CSU include specialized, low cost templates.

Minimum Initial Term of Service

The minimum initial term of service is 24 months, with automatic annual renewals following the initial term. A signed agreement and the first month's fee must be received prior to initiation of project.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Jim Davies at 800-253-7697, Ext. 113 or email