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Backup and Data Recovery Services

Failures can and do happen without warning. Prepare for disaster before it strikes. Our backup and data recovery services provide a cost-effective, rapid solution to minimize downtime when an event occurs.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Set up servers and network equipment such as hubs and routers with UPS to help prevent data loss by allowing you to shut down servers in an orderly fashion in the event of power outage.
  • Set up systems with power surge protectors.

    Data Backup Scheme
  • Install and maintain backup drives and software.
  • Create data backup scheme to restore data when needed.

    RAID (Redundant Array Independent Disks)
  • Set up business critical servers with multiple hard drives. If one drive crashes, the other one kicks in without interrupting your business activities.

  • Set up and maintain clustering technology that will link servers together in a high availability cluster. If one server goes down, the other server in the cluster kicks in without interrupting your business activities, making your network more stable for mission-critical applications.

  • Document and maintain information on your system and network.
  • Establish and implement a plan for long-term recordkeeping and trend analysis of your network.

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