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Network Support and Maintenance
Do you want to improve communication in your office? With our network support and maintenance service, we can make sure that you have real-time access to email and instant messaging, database and file sharing, and printer sharing capabilities. We can keep you in touch with your employees without ever leaving the comfort of your desk.

We can help you with the following:

Network Equipment
  • Install and maintain hubs, switches, routers, cabling, punch down panel, and other network related equipment.

    Internet and Email
  • Install and maintain Internet services.
  • Set up and maintain email accounts and email systems.
  • Resolve Internet connection issues.
  • Connect your business to the Internet using the most effective and secure method.
  • Implement and maintain Internet security policy.
  • Secure your network using firewall and anti-virus utilities.

    Remote Access and VPN
  • Connect and maintain your office to remote locations.
  • Use the most effective and secure method for remote connection.

    IP Addressing
  • Configure and maintain IP addressing.
  • Resolve WINS, DNS, or DHCP issues.

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